1. Welcome to La Pirata Kitchen!

    I’m Alicia, your friendly vegan baker. La Pirata Kitchen is a blog and online bakery, promoting plant-based, organic, and fair-trade foods.

    When I was a teenager, I’d say that my secret dream was to be a pastry chef. But I went to college and studied English instead, and after a few years of copyediting began baking obsessively as a way to use the energy that was building up while I worked at my computer all day. I found it was far more satisfying to me than correcting comma usage or writing book reviews, and it also became a really fulfilling way for me to show love to people around me. When I decided to go vegan, the baking had to follow suit. It was a challenge, but through the power of coconut I have developed ways to make delicious stuff that doesn’t weigh you down or suck up your energy.

    Breakfast and dessert are my favorite meals, because they pair best with coffee, but I will be sharing some savory recipes, plus reviews of vegan food I eat out in the world, cookbooks, nutrition books, and anything else relevant. And it will all be more interesting than this intro post — promise!